Executive Health Coaching

Achieve your next-level life by optimizing your health.

Learn to thrive and not merely survive. 

  • Lose Weight Without Suffering
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Feel lighter
  • Achieve optimal health for power & performance

I immediately felt at ease with Lindsay. She’s a real professional, very knowledgeable, gentle, and empathic person; with her, I felt free to share all my concerns.

- Elizabetta

I lost 7 kilos in the 6 months which I previously believed impossible due to my busy and stressed lifestyle! 

- Natasha

Since working with Lindsay, my headaches disappeared so I don't have to take pain meds. I feel much more at peace. I’m less sensitive and more confident. At work, I have more mental clarity, and I’m more effective.

- Alexis

When I started with Lindsay, I was struggling with issues of high blood pressure, high insulin, and glucose levels.

Within 8 weeks, all those high markers went to normal levels.

- Romi

Signs You Need a Coach

Leaders and high-achievers have particular health challenges

  • Snapping and frequently frustrated
  • Overthinking, overwhelmed, & overstimulated
  • Headaches, digestive issues, or high cholesterol
  • Over-eating or over-drinking
  • Yo-yo weight gain & loss
  • Can’t stick to a fitness or healthy eating plan

What Do All Top Performers Have in Common?

They Get Coached! 

I've helped many super parents - just like you - reach their health & happiness goals in 90-days or less. Commit to 1 hour a week and 10-minutes a day to get lasting results. 

How It Works


Using my Root Cause Tailored Approach, I’ll map out for you the best approach for your health & happiness journey so that you get the most effective results. Each week, you’ll be seeing progress (that will actually last) at a speed unparalleled to other diet programs & therapies.

We'll get your DNA analyzed with the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced test available in the world. I'll determine if there are any other baseline tests needed, such as bloodwork or hormones.


You likely already know what you need to do to get healthy, but sustaining that has never been easy. I'm not going to give you more "shoulds" and "do's & don'ts".

Most people think healthy change is about willpower & discipline. I have a "no force" policy. With minimal effort, you will reap the benefits of new brain circuits being created. As you rewire your brain, your actions will change.

Everything will be delivered based on your learning style and availability. You can learn even while traveling or during your drive.


The process itself will be enjoyable. No feeling restricted, calorie counting, weigh-ins, or extreme workouts. The practices are designed to be pleasurable, easy-to-do, and return quick yet permanent results. 

You'll overcome psychological issues without spending hours regurgitating past wounds and childhood history. You'll start making choices that are good for you intuitively. You'll enjoy exercise & crave veggies. And best of all, you’ll start prioritizing yourself, without feeling selfish!

Root Cause Tailored Approach 

Did you know that what your grandmother ate while she was pregnant with your mother impacted your genes? You are complex, but optimizing your health doesn't have to be. Using several analytic tools, I will know exactly what you need to do for the biggest impact. I will create an easy-to-follow plan to get you huge results right away. 

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DNA Testing & Nutrigenomics

Change your Health Destiny & The Expression of Your Genes


Not just any genetic test. Statistically Solid. In Real People.

DNA testing, done correctly, is the best way to personalize your health. Nutrigenomics, a branch of epigenetics, is the study of changing the expression of your genes by making DNA-specific diet & lifestyle shifts. I am a trained nutrigenomics practitioner with exclusive access (in Mauritius) to the most advanced genetics test in the world. 

Genetic Test FAQs

Good to Know 

  • Done with a simple cheek swab.

  • Every single genetic variant (snp) used and the recommendations have been studied in multiple clinical trials with real people!

  • Results will serve you for life. You can refer back to the DNA report any time you are facing a health issue, as the recommendations in the report often fix the root cause. 

  • Not a prophecy of future doom! Everything in this report is modifiable by diet & lifestyle. 

  • Unlike popular DNA test on the market, this DNA test has robust privacy & use policies and procedures. Your data will not be used for anything but your personal information.

What's Included?


Individual Program 

My process is designed for people who have no time, feel overwhelmed, and need to be at the top of their game. I will efficiently tailor your experience to your learning style and root causes. You will get:

  • 10 hours of individual coaching. Zoom or in-person sessions depending on your availability and preferences.
  • A customized learning plan and online modules for when you need to go deeper.
  • Downloadable practices.
  • DNA analysis, explanation, and lifetime guide.
  • Meditation and self-hypnosis guides on your phone to use anytime.

You can work at your own pace and schedule. For maximum benefit, I recommend 1 hour/week & 10 minutes/day. But even 20 minutes a week can be beneficial.


Sustained Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

Our relationship with food needs to be positive. It’s often a reflection of everything else in our life. We’ll get rid of the fight that goes on in there about food. You’ll also have a more positive self-image & relationship with yourself. You will: 

  • Crave healthy foods without feeling forced or denied (no calorie counting, diets, or restrictions).
  • Heal your gut.
  • Easily prepare delicious healthy food. 
  • Sustain nutrition no matter the situation (social, travel, cost).
  • Get a customized meal plan based on your DNA & preferences made for living in Mauritius.

You’ll finish the program with a completely new outlook on food, eating & hydration. You'll be tuned in to your body's signals related to what you eat, you won't need a guide, your body will tell you. 


Your Genetic & Hormonal Health 

The way you were made is a miracle. You'll learn to work with your unique genetic code. You'll know: 

  • How to get your hormones to work for you.
  • Turn on your helpful genes & reduce your chances of genetic disease. 
  • Know where to focus in order to decrease genetic vulnerabilities & how best to optimize gene expression.

You’ll have a customized health plan based on your DNA.


Remove Limiting Beliefs That are Keeping You Down

The secret to a healthy life is a helpful internal voice. You will:

  • Develop radical self-love that supports you always.
  • Move through guilt, rumination, haunting memories, or hurtful experiences.
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries.

You’ll have a new outlook on life using scientifically-backed strategies and practices such as meditation, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and self-hypnosis.


Emotional Mastery for Optimal Health 

Although we cannot control everything that happens or the behavior of those around us, the one thing we can control is how we respond emotionally and how we feel about ourselves in those situations. Through coaching, you’ll learn:

  • How to completely change your moods & behavior and feel more emotionally regulated.
  • How to reduce fear, anger, worry, resentment, hurt, and frustration.
  • How to stay calm, cool, and collected no matter how stressful and overwhelming life gets.

You’ll have improved emotional awareness, presence of mind, and even relationships. 


Fitness, Strength & Exercise

Staying fit doesn't have to be a constant struggle and unpleasant chore. Your fitness protocols are unique and should be a joy to do. You'll get:

  • The optimal fitness routine for your DNA.
  • Addictive habits that help you maintain & increase your long-term fitness.
  • Specific strength training & cardio routines to match your goals.

Paradise Unlocked

As a Mauritian resident for more than a decade, I can help you overcome the struggles and reap the benefits of this island life.

  • Where to find the highest quality foods, complete with order templates.
  • Mauritian recipes customized for nutrition. 
  • Meal planning around Mauritian seasons and staples.
  • Guidance around resorts, socializing, and travel so you never get off track.
  • List of HealthUp-approved practitioners, restaurants, and fitness training options.
Start Your Intake Now

I'm Your Coach if...

  • You've tried lots of things before but they didn't stick.

  • You think a healthy lifestyle is about having the willpower.

  • You want to get rid of symptoms. 

  • You want to have control over your health & emotions.
  • You want to optimize your health and have a high-quality lifespan.

  • You want to improve your emotional well-being and relationships.


I'm Lindsay Kassem

Prior to becoming a health coach, I was a pharmaceutical industry executive suffering from a laundry list of health issues. I thought I was saving lives while giving up mine!

In my quest to improve my symptoms and create more balance in my life, I eventually left that career to focus on nutrition & preventative health.

I became a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York. Throughout my studies, I was able to overcome all of my health problems and now help others do the same!


Start Feeling Better Now

Your family and career will benefit from you taking this step for yourself. Here's how to start:

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I believe you will get what you need from my coaching. I am so confident that I am willing to give you a full refund. My only request is you commit to 1 hour a week and 10 minutes a day. I've designed it for you even if you travel, have kids at home, & get busy at work. 

You'll also Get...


Intermittent Fasting the Right Way

A tool that not only helps with weight loss but has additional benefits like reduced inflammation, improved immune function, and hormone balance. When done right, intermittent fasting can be life-changing. My process was developed in partnership with Dr. Karen Hartzenberg. You'll know:

  • If fasting is right for you. 
  • Understand which type of fast will give you the most benefits.
  • How to tailor the timing of your fast based on your body.
  • What to drink & when? Plus Caffeine & Alcohol.

You'll be confident about how to healthfully and painlessly fast, with increased and sustained energy.


Sleep Within Reach

I've developed the best sleeping program out there to train yourself to get to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep deeper in only 5 days! Benefits of better sleep: 

  • With increased focus and energy, sleeping more will get you better hours in a day.
  • Increased sex drive. 
  • Decreased risk for many diseases, particularly Alzheimers.
  • Reduced cravings and increased emotional control.

This program alone has changed the quality of life and health outcomes of dozens of clients.


All the Learning Modules

You'll have lifetime online access to all the topics we cover. My method is incredibly efficient, but if you want to dive more deeply into a topic, it's all there for you online. 

  • Review something we covered days, months, or even years later. 
  • All of my guided meditations on your phone.
  • Easy accessibility with the app. 
  • All of the content & downloads clearly organized and easy to find.

There is no limit to your health potential. With access to the Mind-Body Reset, you can continue to level up even after we "finish".

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