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Health Coaching

For leaders & families who want to feel lighter & optimize their health and life

  • Reduce overthinking, overwhelm and irritability
  • Rid headaches, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances
  • NO more over-drinking, over-eating and over-rushing
  • Achieve peace of mind and deep fulfillment
  • Reach higher performance levels

I immediately felt at ease with Lindsay. She’s a real professional, very knowledgeable, gentle, and empathic person; with her, I felt free to share all my concerns.

- Elizabetta

I lost 7 kilos in the 6 months which I previously believed impossible due to my busy and stressed lifestyle! 

- Natasha

Since working with Lindsay, my headaches disappeared so I don't have to take pain meds. I feel much more at peace. I’m less sensitive and more confident. At work, I have more mental clarity, and I’m more effective.

- Alexis

When I started with Lindsay, I was struggling with issues of high blood pressure, high insulin, and glucose levels. Within 8 weeks, all those high markers went to normal levels.

- Romi

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You're a Leader

You've achieved so much. A career, family, & home. You've got it altogether on the outside - yet you don't feel good on the inside. You don't have the happiness and peace you thought you would at this point in your life. 

What's worse? You feel your health declining with age, hormonal differences, and extra weight settling in.

You're tired of forcing yourself. Tried diets or joining a gym, but life keeps getting in the way. You think you just don't have the discipline, willpower, or time.

That's not the issue.

I have helped many high-achieving super-parents, just like you, reach their health and happiness goals in 90 days or less. My clients continue to improve long after they finish my coaching program.


  • No more snapping and feeling overly irritable
  • Eliminating your digestive issues
  • Feeling fresh and energetic after a night out socializing
  • Feeling confident in your swim costume
  • Falling & staying asleep without your mind racing
  • Your headaches disappearing
  • Feeling like you are in control of your health, hormones & emotions
  • True joy from within every day, regardless of the stressors around you

Forget starving and restricting yourself. Learn to eat intuitively and with pleasure.

Stop punishing and disciplining yourself. Develop a helpful inner-voice.

No weigh-ins, calorie counting, nor extreme workouts. 

  • Achieve your fitness goal.. Do the race, improve your game, and enjoy moving more.
  • More focus and attention resulting in better relationships, household management, work performance, & productivity.
  • Increased mood & emotional well-being. You’ll feel lighter, more energetic, and happier.
  • Your health destiny will be in your control - not your genes. You’ll overcome genetic predispositions that run in your family.
  • Increased cognitive performance. Protect your brain from mental decline.
  • Recover quickly from travel & sickness


Holistically with my customized Root Cause Tailored Approach 

With my proprietary evaluation and analysis tools, you will know exactly what to do for the biggest impact. 

This is for your lifetime.

I am a certified nutrigenomics counselor, a mindset & meditation coach, and an integrative nutrition coach. I have expertise in hypnotherapy, lifespan improvement, and hormone balancing. 

I developed my Root Cause Tailored approach over many years. It ensures I don't waste any of your time on the wrong practices. Using your DNA analysis with genetic testing as well as my intake process, I can pinpoint exactly what you need to quickly get results.

Yes, I'm Ready

What Do All Top Performers Have in Common?

They Get Coached! 

You are accomplished and self-sufficient. You are a leader and good at everything you do.

So why do you need a health coach? Because you're ready for the next level and I can get you there. 

How It Works


I'll get your DNA analyzed with the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced test available in the world. 

From your intake form, initial interview, & DNA results I will determine your root issues. 


I'll teach you to access your best self. Through our coaching sessions and practices you'll access who you've always wanted to be. 

With minimal effort, you will reap the benefits of new brain circuits being created. As you rewire your brain, your actions will change. 


You'll start making choices that are good for you intuitively. You'll enjoy exercise & crave veggies.

You’ll start prioritizing yourself, without feeling selfish! Best of all, everyone in your life will benefit.

What is Executive Health Coaching?

The reason you aren't where you want to be is NOT...

Because you don't have time

Because you travel

Because of your social life

Because of your kids or partner

Because of your job

None of these need to change for you to start feeling better and take control of your health & happiness. 


Start Feeling Better Now

Your family and career will benefit from you taking this step for yourself. Here's how to start:

Choose Your Payment Option

You can pay monthly or the full amount. You'll get instant access to all the online materials and next steps to start your journey. 

One-time, or 3-month installments available. 

Fill Out Your Intake Form

I give efficient, specific, and customized coaching. My Intake form will ensure I don't waste your time. You can fill it out now to get started.

Schedule Your DNA Test & Private Session

In our first appointment, I'll be ready to dive in to get you immediate results on the most urgent and pressing issue.

1x Payment

Rs 137,700

USD $2997

PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. 

Payment Plan Available.

Get Started Now

3-Month Installment

Rs 51,700

USD $1127

PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. 

Payment Plan Available.

Get Started Now

I am so confident you will get what you need from this program that I will give you a full refund if you don't.

My only request is you commit to 1 hour a week and 10 minutes a day.

I've designed it for you even if you travel, have kids at home, & get busy at work. 

The Details

When you sign up for Executive Health Coaching you will automatically have access to all the topics covered. 

After you fill out your intake form, I will give you a recommended personalized journey so you can focus on what will get you the fastest results.

Once your DNA test is complete, you'll get a 1:1 session so you fully understand how to work with your genetic coding.


  • 10 sessions of Private Coaching (45mins-1 hour)*
  • App With all Mind-Body Reset Program Content
  • DNA Analysis
  • Direct access to me via email & message

Topics Covered

The program runs for 90 days, but you will have access to the learning modules and materials for life.

With my method you will finish the program ready to continually improve your health and all the materials will be there for you to keep increasing your health & happiness capacity.

Not Sure? Schedule a One-Time Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Your Coach if...

  • You've tried lots of things before but they didn't stick.

  • You think a healthy lifestyle is about having willpower. It's not, thankfully!

  • You want to get rid of symptoms. 

  • You want to have control over your health & emotions.
  • You want to optimize your health and have a high-quality lifespan.

  • You want to improve your emotional well-being and relationships.


I'm Lindsay Kassem

Former pharmaceutical industry executive with extremely poor health. I thought I was saving lives while giving up mine!

In my quest to improve my symptoms and create more freedom, I eventually left that career to focus on preventative health.

I became a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York. Throughout my studies, I was able to overcome all of my health problems and now help others do the same!


BONUS Courses Included


Intermittent Fasting the Right Way

Lose weight, reduce inflammation, improve immune immunity, and balance hormones.

When done right, intermittent fasting is life-changing. Developed in partnership with Dr. Karen Hartzenberg. You'll know:

  • If fasting is right for you. 
  • Which type of fast will gets you the most benefits.
  • How to tailor the timing of your fast based on your body.
  • What to drink & when? Plus Caffeine & Alcohol.

You'll be confident about how to healthfully and painlessly fast for increased and sustained energy.


The best sleep training program

Train yourself to get to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep deeper in only 5 days! Benefits of better sleep: 

  • With increased focus and energy, you'll get more out of your awake hours.
  • Increased sex drive. 
  • Decreased risk for many diseases, particularly Alzheimers.
  • Reduced cravings and increased emotional control.

This program alone has changed the quality of life and health outcomes of dozens of clients.


Paradise Unlocked

As a Mauritian resident for more than a decade, I can help you overcome the struggles and reap the benefits of this island life.

  • Where to find the highest quality foods, complete with order templates.
  • Mauritian recipes customized for nutrition. 
  • Meal planning around Mauritian seasons and staples.
  • Guidance around resorts, socializing, and travel so you never get off track.
  • List of HealthUp-approved practitioners, restaurants, and fitness training options.
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