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Executive Private Health Coaching Program

Release anxiety, stress, health & hormone symptoms

High performer, leader or simply managing everything for those around you? 

Tried to level up your health, balance, and mindset before, but didn't get lasting results?

The best athletes in the world get coached and it should be no different for you. 

We weren't taught how to listen to our body or manage our energy to optimize this experience. 

I've developed a method for super busy, high performing, or overwhelmed people like you to get immediate results with little effort. I can't wait for you to bask in feeling great.

Commit to approximately 70 minutes a week for 90 days to forever change your life. 

Includes 10 private coaching sessions, DNA analysis, and my Mind-Body Reset Online Program, that's transformed 100's of people.

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DNA Test & Analysis 

Included in Private Coaching for those in Mauritius, South Africa & the US

With lifestyle & diet, you can actually turn on or off certain genes, like cancer, obesity, weight, heart disease, diabetes, brain function, and longevity. 

Nutrigenomics, a branch of epigenetics, is the study of changing the expression of your genes by making DNA-specific diet & lifestyle shifts.

You can understand this all by a simple swab of your cheek.

Every gene in the test I use has been studied in hundreds of people.

I was surprised that there are many seemingly ‚Äúwell-researched‚ÄĚ genetic tests, but much of the research was only done on mice or in Petri dishes, not humans!¬†

Romi Diamond

When I started with Lindsay, I was struggling with issues of high blood pressure, high insulin and glucose levels.

Within 8 weeks on the Mind Body Reset program, doing a complete lifestyle change, all those high markers went to normal levels.

I haven’t felt this good and healthy for a very long time.

Nico Kerambrun

The DNA test with nutrigenomics recommendations are a life bible! Eye opening. Science for your family's future accessible today. 

It's particularly meaningful when you do it for the family! We use it as a powerful tool to adapt our weekly shopping. 

Roshni Radhakrishnan

We found immense betterment to our health.

My 5 year old son is even getting the right guidance. I have also benefited a lot with Lindsay's program.

We got to root causes of my problems.

Lindsay is very motivating towards making the right choices, highly inspiring and motivational.

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