Slim, Strong, & Serene Stomach

Reduce belly fat and painful symptoms in just 7 days.

  • Your clothes will fit & look better
  • Feel confident with no embarrassing symptoms
  • Improved mood & brain function 

Since working with Lindsay, my headaches disappeared so I don't have to take pain meds. I feel much more at peace. I’m less sensitive and more confident. At work, I have more mental clarity, and I’m more effective.

- Alexis

I immediately felt at ease with Lindsay. She’s a real professional, very knowledgeable, gentle, and empathic person; with her, I felt free to share all my concerns.

- Elizabetta

7-Day Course 

Follow at your own pace as you'll learn how to easily and quickly improve your stomach.


- Scientifically backed strategy to quickly get lasting results

- Easy-to-implement practices

- Access to me for specific questions throughout the course

- The best 5-minute abs videos exclusively created just for this course, taught by Aleksandra Ellison, PhD Rehabilitation Expert & World Fitness Champion

- How to improve your body image

- Quick and effective strategy to reduce anxiety


  • My proven method for making change last

  • 30-day access to functional nutritional meal plan

  • 4 week abs fitness routine to get a stomach you can show off