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Sometimes You're F*cked Meditation - When peace & positivity are out of reach

meditation mindsets May 17, 2022

It’s really frustrating to force positivity or happiness when things are just sh*t!

A client told me that my Mom Zen Meditation, (that promises you’ll find peace within 5 minutes) worked really well for her!

BUT, she said, “A few months, ago, I would’ve angrily resented that I’m not finding peace. It would’ve been great to listen to a meditation that acknowledges sometimes you’re f*cked” ...And Voila! I made it!

Soothe yourself when you’re in a lull…. OR if the thought of peace makes you want to throw up. The intention is NOT to get you to positivity. That sometimes feels too far away. It’s to allow you to fully feel, without shame.

Sometimes, that’s just what we need.

Parental advisory: a couple of explicit lyrics are part of my gift to you 😊