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Aging Gracefully Interview with Joan de Senneville, 80 Years Young

aging beauty mindsets May 17, 2022
In this conversation, Joan reveals her secrets of aging. And yes, exercise and a healthy diet are key to longevity but it's Joan's belief that "there's always good coming out of it when you look for it" that's kept her thriving even through hardship and loss. Joan de Senneville's story is not to be missed.
She's been through so much in her life, but is rocking her 80s! See the beauty in someone who has been gracefully aging, as well as emotional resilience tips from a VERY WISE WOMAN! The adversity she has experienced in her life has thought her empathy, to love herself too, and to keep her humor even in tough times
She's never feared getting old and she's not been bothered by her physical changes like the appearance of wrinkles or gray hair. This interview is part of a series of conversations with women who aged in the most ordinary yet extraordinary way.


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