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Breathing Meditation in Mauritius

breathing meditation relax May 08, 2023
Lindsay Kassem Breathing Meditation Mauritius

Your Breath - Fastest Way to Release Anxiety & Stress.

Island Life Isn’t as Stress-free as You Hoped

Your schedule is busy. You're stimulated. So stimulated with obligations, messages, people, calls, deadlines, commitments, school picks, drop offs, after school activities, birthday parties, family commitments, reminders, slow island processes, and to-do’s galore…that life is…overwhelming. Not to mention, the stressful conversations, melt-downs, disappointments, and other things that go wrong. Even sicknesses and health scares.

Yes, you may live in Mauritius, an island, where everything is supposed to just be easy. Island life right? The honeymoon days were awesome, but now that life settled in, it seems as busy as other places!

The Most Simple but Profound Relaxation Tool

Breathing is often overlooked as a simple tool to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Deep breathing can have positive effects on our mental health, physical health, including better cardiovascular health, improved digestion and better athletic performance.

Improved Mental Health

Deep breathing sends signals to our brain to relax and increase the release of endorphins, which make us feel happy, energized, and boosts our mood.

Sometimes your breath may positively influence your body more than a psychologist!


Improved Physical Health

When we take deep breaths, this increased oxygen leads, improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

Deep breathing can also improve digestion by increasing blood flow to the digestive system.

Additionally, deep breathing can boost our immune system.

The oxygen boost from deep breathing can be more powerful than nutrition!


Improved Athletic Performance

Deep breathing can also improve athletic performance.

The increased oxygen can lead to improved endurance and stamina during physical activity.

Deep breathing can also help to reduce muscle tension, which can lead to improved flexibility and range of motion.


Your body can't afford it otherwise!

Busy-ness is real, but the worst thing you can do is keep going when your fatigued. We were all taught to keep pushing. It worked for years, but it likely is no longer is serving you.

Breathing can actually re-energize you when you know you still have more to do in a day. Seriously try it! 


How do you do it?

I’d like to focus on the easiest way to get started for most of my clients.

Take a big deep breath in, as much as you can. Then, slowly exhale. No force. Just release that air naturally. Do this 30 times. If you feel that it’s difficult at first, it means that your body isn’t used to it, and really needs it. It will become easier with each breath.

If you’d like an easy breath meditation to follow, come and watch my youtube video here!

If you do this every day for 5 minutes a day, this is a start to feeling lighter!

If you’d like to reduce fatigue and start feeling energized again, click below for your FREE Guide to Why You’re Exhausted: 5 Unexpected Things Zapping Your Energy And HOW to RE-ENERGIZE!

To your heart & health span,

Lindsay Kassem

Health & Mindset Coach