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Being busy is laziness at the soul level

anxiety breathing mindsets relax Nov 09, 2023

You love to grow, improve, and to keep your mind active.

It’s a sign of intelligence.

And seemingly, the opposite of laziness. 

What happens when the mind becomes too BUSY?

Here are signs you might be disconnected from your soul:

  • Feeling over-stimulated (e.g. trouble handling the “mom” call every 45 seconds)
  • Being overly busy. Never finishing your to-do list
  • Having anxious thoughts - about the future or what someone will think
  • Not sleeping well - waking up early or in the middle of the night & feeling tired
  • Putting everything else first before your enjoyment/peace/rest

All of that means there is actually laziness at the SOUL level.


Wait, what?


We’re part mind, body, and soul. In order to feel truly balanced and at peace, we need to balance all three.

Not let our mind run the show (and only sometimes, focus on our body).

Don’t get me wrong, your actions are FAR from lazy

…at the mind level.

When we keep the mind busy, we avoid what the soul is really called to do. Our soul speaks loudest when the mind is at peace or rest.

What is the soul called to do? 

  • Firstly, the soul is called to love and fully accept ourselves
  • When we’re aligned, we accept ANY emotion we feel, process it in a healthy way, and heal those trapped emotions
  • Once we can do this, we give to others out of pure love (not out of obligation). We no longer feel drained, but alive!
  • Being in touch with our soul allows us to connect to things greater than ourselves, whether it’s with others, spiritually, with God, or with a bigger purpose.

A great way to start to connect to our soul is to calm the mind.

Breathe. This breathing meditation is a good start. 

Be still. For more than a few minutes at a time.

It may be uncomfortable, but this discomfort, over days of practice, is essential for you to ascend and truly feel successful and peaceful in your world.


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