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aging balance breathing hormones meditation mindsets relax self love Feb 03, 2024
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Did you know that only 40 SECONDS of exercise can increase your longevity! 

I was also shocked when I read the research on this exercise hack. There’s no denying it. If you’ve been deprioritizing cardio because it’s too time consuming, there’s a research-backed shortcut to getting a ton of benefits.

If you’re looking for the updated ways to optimize aging and increase your health span (the quality of your years living in this world), the below is a must watch. It has much more than just exercise.


Dr. Karen Hartzenberg (incredible General Practitioner in Mauritius) and me discuss the following ways that you can fully optimize your health. I’m highlighting some of the ones that are the most interesting to many at the moment, or are underrated. They're all so good though. Click below to watch the video!

  • Healthy Plate - what should actually be on your plate
  • Breathing, Meditation, REST!
  • Strength Training & Types of Cardio
  • Intermittent Fasting 
  • Sleep Well
  • Reduce/Eliminate Toxins, Alcohol, Smoking
  • HRT reduces all cause mortality when start early
  • Keep Mind Active / Learn New Things
  • Processing Emotions, Improving Stress Response, 3 P’s
  • Connection with Family, Friends, & Higher Power
  • Purpose - why self love often comes before purpose
  • Listening to your Body/Energy - developing the skill to do this exceeds healthspan
  • Self Love & Acceptance 
  • Supplements - why vitamin K can do with your calcium, and ones most can benefit from
  • Routine Medical Checks- we do it for kids, but many not doing it for themselves
  • Sauna, Cryotherapy/Cold Therapy & More

If you would like to improve some of these areas with myself and/or Dr. Karen, feel free to get in touch. My program to fully support you is HERE

If you’re in a rush and just want the exercise hack, catch the exercise part at 17 mins into the video in this link.

It’s not to be missed!


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