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Your Inner Critic Pushes You in the Opposite Direction

mindsets self love weight loss Mar 12, 2024

When I first started working in integrative nutrition, it became evident that losing weight wasn’t really about knowing what to eat. Sure, it plays a role, but…

What’s often under that iceberg of weight, anxiety, and stomach issues isn’t about the lack of information. “Iceberg, iceberg, right ahead”

What’s underneath the hood are the beliefs, thoughts, and fears that hold people back. Often, these are subconscious and even unconscious - we’re not even aware of them, until we start peeling back the layers of the onion, in coaching.

I had a client who agreed for me to share this...

We uncovered why she isn’t taking action for her health by first looking at her beliefs. We uncovered that her root belief is that if she’s not consistent, then she’ll never be enough. This was actually demotivating and paralyzing her from taking action.

Crazy but common that the inner critic pushes us to do the opposite of what’s in our best interest!
Her inner critic had a good intention to make her successful, but it just wasn’t effective by being hard on her.

We worked on giving her inner critic some compassion for her to move forward. We actually embraced the inner critic. She said this never really clicked before, until we had our session.

Do you know your root beliefs, thoughts, unconscious fears that are keeping you from getting where you want? In weight, health, mind freedom, relationships, and success?

Knowing and working through them is the key to breaking through them and getting to that bliss we're always chasing. This is the exciting new and deeper work that I'm loving to support people with right now.
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To be clear, you'll receive pertinent health information too 🙂, but that’s inserted when you need it. It’s the deeper work that will create transformative and sustainable results.


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