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Inner Child Meditation

breathing meditation mindsets relax Jul 31, 2023
Lindsay Kassem Inner Child Meditation

Rough Moments as a Child?

Were there ever moments when you felt unsupported as a child? It’s inevitable that no matter our upbringing, there were at least a couple of moments, if not a daily thing when we’ve felt alone, shamed, shunned, inadequate, or in pain. The effects of unresolved & bottled up emotions can wreak havoc on our physical health and emotional well-being.

You'll stop Escaping & Over-indulging

These heavy emotions are often reasons why we escape. Escape to over-eating, drinking, and other habits that don’t serve us. If you’re ready to peel another layer of the onion in healing, set 15 minutes aside for a beautiful healing meditation!

Retelling old stories & its impact on your body

I'm sharing a meditation that will allow you to go back and heal. This meditation doesn't rehash an old story in detail. Recalling details of a negative event release those same negative stress hormones that you released during the initial event. Who wants that added stress? Or an open wound?

Each of us have different triggers for situations that upset us more than others. Why?

Because certain things happened to each of us when we were kids that have been solidified over the years.

I’m sharing something with you that gives you incredible healing: an Inner Child Meditation. I’ve had some requests for more meditations since some people can’t join my free beach meditations; you can listen to it here!

Healing Continues

Sure, you may bring up a memory high level and commensurate emotions, but the beauty is that the healing happens in the same moment! It won’t leave you in pain with open wounds, but a reduced scar with relief. And not only that, but causing you to be less triggered in the future.

Allow yourself to observe the healing power that takes place as you listen, especially in the 2nd half. I’ve done a variation of this inner child meditation in my beach meditations, and everyone was in tears of relief! 

Inner Child Meditation


Crying Can be Healthy

A healer told me that crying is the soul cleansing itself. It’s also a way for the body to get back into a parasympathetic state i.e. the opposite of fight or flight mode.

We need to rebalance and let go of these heavy emotions that are literally and figuratively weighing us down. 

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To your heart & health span,

Lindsay Kassem

Health & Mindset Coach 

P.S. Healing childhood wounds isn't the only way to heal. There are numerous other healing methodologies and techniques. Some of them don't involve any tears or pain. If you're interested to see if I'm the right coach for you, book an introductory session here.