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Are you intolerant? The Road to Acceptance

anger anxiety balance mindsets self love Dec 22, 2023
Lindsay Kassem anger management

Anger Management

As a collective, society is much more tolerant to people’s race, religion, and culture than before.

Yes, we still have quite a way to go, but many civilizations have improved their tolerance when we look at history. 

However, you may still feel intolerant

Intolerant to people’s behaviors, views, posts on social media, words, and actions. To the point that it irritates the living daylights out of you.

With that said, you’re better at acceptance than you think. 

You accept that a dog is a dog, and don’t get upset when it doesn’t act like a cat. Because, well, it’s just not a cat. 

However, when it comes to humans, we somehow expect everyone to behave and see the world in the way we do. Otherwise, we become disappointed and frustrated. 

You also may shame yourself for being human. Think when you’ve eaten too much or apologized for being emotional. You didn’t accept/tolerate yourself. 

Imagine if dogs shamed themselves or shamed other dogs for barking. 

They were made to bark when they feel the need. It’s a dog thing.

You have certain feelings that are a part of you. It’s a human thing. 

You have a unique story, combined with a distinct genetic background, childhood, spirit, and a specific physical body, creating a unique formula that no one person can ever fully comprehend why you do exactly what you do. 

If you like Star Wars, you see how Darth Vader moved to the dark side. It just makes sense.

Once we fully understand ourselves, it makes it easier to understand and tolerate ourselves. And this trickles into tolerating other humans better, even if we don't agree!

Click on the below video to understand the ONE thing that will guide you to be where you want to be, as well as create more acceptance and tolerance for others so that you have much less disappointment, frustration, and irritation. Meaning, you feel at peace! 

If you’re short on time, start at 44 seconds.

Once you listen to your body long enough, mind, body and soul become more integrated.

What does that look like?

It looks like vibrant health, peace of mind (no anxiety), unshakeable self worth and confidence, and acceptance of other people (so less frequent and intense irritations), and healthy boundaries.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you accept being treated poorly or in a way that misaligns with your values. 

True acceptance (in yourself and others) allows you the discernment to change things that you shouldn’t be tolerating (that are within your control), and the ability to tolerate/accept the things you can’t control, with ease.

By tolerate, I don’t mean suppress, I mean to truly not be affected by something. To be at peace. Just like you’re at peace with a dog not being a cat.

With that, it also means FREEDOM, in health and in your mind.

If you are feeling intolerant to others and to yourself, and want more support,

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To your health span and peace of mind,