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What’s natural when your hormones are changing?

aging anxiety hormones relax Nov 16, 2023
Lindsay Kassem Hormones

As I’ve been taking intense hormone courses over the last couple of years, my view on what’s natural for menopause has changed. 

What’s natural when a woman’s hormones decline?

I used to think that treating women with hormones for perimenopause and menopause wasn’t natural. 

But we need to strike the balance of embracing natural aging with optimizing how we age.

Increasing health span means we enhance the quality of our years. What is an acceptable way to enhance this?


Are the following symptoms of peri/menopause natural or acceptable?

  • Is having a higher risk for bone fractures and joint pain natural or acceptable? What about osteoporosis, walkers or pain medicines?
  • Is cognitive decline, brain fog, and dementia acceptable or necessary?
  • Is vaginal atrophy natural or acceptable? For those of us who haven’t experienced this, when estrogen is too low (normalized in postmenopausal women), it causes burning, itching, spotting and pain with sex as well as frequent urination and urinary tract infections.
  • Is muscle loss at a high rate natural or acceptable?
  • Is the fall of the bladder and uterus (prolapse) natural or acceptable? Urinary incontinence?
  • Are increased heart palpitations, heart disease, heart attack, and even breast cancer (depending on the type of hormone) natural or acceptable?
  • Are sleeplessness or increased headaches and migraines and their treatment natural or acceptable?
  • Are hot flashes and temperature swings necessary?
  • Is increased anxiety, depression, mental illness and suicide in the late 40’s acceptable? It’s not acceptable at any time, but there is an increase in peri/post menopausal women.

When hormones swing too low, it causes a whole slew of health problems like the above. Not necessary!

Treating them well often requires a ton of non-natural interventions. 


Bio-identical hormones reduce the above risks, if used in the right dosages.

Herbs are natural, but the body doesn’t make these, like in bio-identical hormones.

There’s been a huge stigma on hormones for various reasons. If someone takes too many hormones or synthetic hormones, this can cause problems too. Dosage is key. 

Women don’t have to suffer with symptoms nor reduce their quality of life. 

It’s important for you to know there’s a natural option, often more effective than any herb can provide (even though I’m an herb fan). Health span improves! What’s more beautiful about aging than that?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Mauritius exists.

If you’ve got questions on hormones, don’t hesitate to ask! Send an email to [email protected].


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