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Why Aren't You Feeling Good?

balance mindsets self love Mar 09, 2024
Lindsay Kassem Life Coach

What does a top education, the perfect wedding, a promotion, and a fancy car have in common?

Not only do we believe these things will bring us happiness, but also, we PRIORITIZE them.

…with investing our Time. Money. Energy.

When we’re determined to have such milestones in our life, we’ll twist and turn ourselves to make them happen.

Countless hours, sleepless nights, borrowing, people pleasing, compromising your own values, you name it.

All of that has often been worth it. No judgment here - these are all exciting things in their own right.

However, much of these external tick marks fall short of bringing us long term fulfillment and health.

Many people aren’t feeling as good as we expected to feel by doing those things.

In fact, while you’ve likely prioritized those tick marks, you may have neglected your health & finding true fulfillment from within.

If you’re suffering, it’s a good time to get curious.

Is your time, energy, and money aligned to what brings YOU health and happiness…or is it still focused on those external tick marks?

They’re also not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose one over the other.

However, if you’re feeling burned out, running and rushing all of the time, have anxiety, have health issues, stomach aches, headaches, abnormal blood tests, or not waking up feeling like smiling daily, it could be the right time to compassionately reflect on your priorities vs. where you’re investing your time, money, and energy.

And whatever your answer is, just know that it’s where you’re supposed to be on your journey right now. Stay compassionate with wherever you are.

If you’re in a place where you’d like to get healthier, achieve more peace of mind, and fulfillment is now higher up the priority list, it’s time to pivot on priorities.

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