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What if you resign?

anxiety balance mindsets relax self love Nov 25, 2023
Lindsay Kassem Executive Health Coaching

If you’re a workaholic like I was, you have so much ownership and accountability that you could never just half-a** any of your work. Even 80/20 is hard, I know. 

It’s your identity to do your work with excellence & high quality, to be committed, to work until 2am, to have perseverance, and to rely on yourself because you’re the most dependable person you know. 

In high school, I was voted class workaholic, and that label stayed with me for a long time. I lived it, until I burned out. More than once. 

I used to blame my work-life-imbalance and my failing health on the corporate world. It wasn’t the job. 

It was because I didn’t learn the skills of 1. Prioritizing my energy, and 2. Managing my energy. It’s a skillset we weren’t taught in school. 

Frankly, this is the most lacking set of skills in today’s modern world. That, and learning how to truly love oneself (saving that for another time, but there’s quite an overlap between the two).

100’s of people have leveled up their energy, health and work/life balance by  coaching with me, without having to leave their role. Sometimes, they’ve decided to leave/change because of the newfound clarity they get from coaching.

If you’re completely overwhelmed, working crazy hours before and after vacation, and would love to put away your laptop without thinking about work, your future healthy self is crying out for you to change something. Your identity is more than just being a workaholic. 

If doing less is inconceivable for you, I’m going to give you a tool that will allow you to be MORE impactful,  stay with me.

It’s a mindset hack that often works, without an actual resignation. 

Here we go:

You’ve had an invaluable colleague or staff member leave before. 

There is no funeral in the corporate world when someone resigns. 

There is just Keep calm and find someone else

The company has to move forward; there is no other option.

Imagine, just imagine (closing your eyes for 5 minutes yields better results) that you are resigning a week from now. What would you change in the next week that would set the company up for success? It’s likely not what you’ve been doing.

Or imagine you have to take an emergency leave for 3 months, and you’ll have no contact. What could be put in place to run things as best as can be, given the fact you'll be gone?

No, it’s not perfection without you there, and some sh*t may hit the fan, but it’s you taking those ideas and using them. You're finally putting up boundaries and prioritizing yourself, your energy, your family, your health, and your life. Those things are priceless. And even make you better at your career.

Side benefit: you’ll likely take strategic actions that benefit the organization. The best leaders make themselves unnecessary in the day-to-day. 

What would you or your company change if you had to resign or leave? If you spend a few minutes doing this, you may move a few mountains in your life.

There are some other different and easy mindset shifting that can be done to remove the patterns that you've had for years.

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