Hormone Vitality

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Dr. Karen Hartzenberg and me, Lindsay Kassem, health coach were delighted to give a series of talks on perimenopause and menopause, as well as optimizing health & aging.

No woman has to suffer needlessly. Each woman also has a right to understand what will enhance her overall health.

Get the education, preparation, support, and empowerment to go through the mid phase of life's hormonal changes in an easier way.


Free Guide

Are you in Perimenopause?

When is it time for hormones? 

Get incredible insight into what's happening in your body & what to do next. 

Including: ‚ě§ How to know if you are a candidate for hormone therapy ‚ě§ Symptoms from low progesterone ‚ě§ Symptoms related to estrogen fluctuations ‚ě§ Hormone and herbal supplement options

Hormone Session 1 Replay

  • What to expect during perimenopause & menopause?
  • Why is there so much confusion about this phase, for women, and inconsistency among doctors' views
  • Testing

Hormone Session 2 Replay

  • Preventative benefits to start hormones early.
  • Why your doctor may not be on board with bioidentical hormones
  • Find out if you‚Äôre a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy
  • Advantages of hormone replacement therapy, and the cons
  • How hormones can help your skin glow
  • Supervision of Treatment


Health Span Session

The best food and lifestyle support for healthy hormones: good nutrition, movement, sleep, connection, peace of mind...and more!

This session is the most important of them all!