Are you on the verge of a health crisis? 


Excess weight, headaches, stomach pain, anxiety, high cholesterol, and emotional volatility. Any one of these is a warning siren from your body that something needs to change!

Find your peak performance fitness and food plan. Learn to deal with busyness, anxiety, and overwhelm to maintain your productivity and peace of mind.

Get specific guidance and practical tools to rise above each of your physical & emotional tendencies, to optimize your genes, health, weight, & happiness.  


You Can Learn How To Feel Better Than You Ever Have

  • Become fully empowered to manage your health, life, & emotions.

  • Feel more balanced and at peace with yourself.

  • Understand the root cause of your health issues, genetic vulnerabilities, & hormonal imbalances.

  • Know how to eat for your specific situation and weight optimization.

  • Increase focus, solve problems, and speed up your professional development.

  • Sleep more soundly without any pills, essential oils, or a soundtrack.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Mind-Body Reset, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your health, happiness, & freedom.

In The Next 3 Months, You Could…

  • Be comfortable in your skin & love your body
  • Have energy for the most important people in your life
  • Improve or resolve all your health symptoms

The right mindsets and habits will make this possible. We’ll cover it all in the Mind-Body Reset.

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The Mind-Body Reset

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Health & Happiness?

This 3-month coaching program will teach you everything you need to know to improve your current and lifetime health outcomes and live with freedom from poor health emotionally & physically. You’ll learn how to:

  • Eat intuitively
  • Harness & learn from your emotions 
  • Rewire your brain to make great health decisions

By teaching you how to rewire unhelpful mindsets and giving you smart strategies, you could start living with energy and vibrancy you thought only available in youth.

What's Included In The Program...


Sustained Nutrition & Intuitive Eating

Our relationship with food needs to be positive. It’s often a reflection of everything else in our life. We’ll get rid of the fight that goes on in there about food. You will learn to actually want more of the healthy foods. You’ll also have a more positive self-image & relationship with yourself. Through the 3 months you will learn:

  • How to crave healthy foods without feeling forced or denied (no calorie counting, diets, or restrictions)

  • How to heal your gut

  • How to prepare delicious healthy food simply. (Meal planning tools & recipes).

  • To sustain nutrition no matter the situation (social, travel, cost)

You’ll finish the program with a completely new outlook on food, eating & hydration. You'll be tuned in to your body's signals related to what you eat, you won't need a guide, your body will tell you. 


Emotional Mastery for Optimal Health 

Although we cannot control everything that happens or the behavior of those around us, the one thing we can control is how we respond emotionally and how we feel about ourselves in those situations. Through the program, you’ll learn:

  • How to completely change your moods & behavior and feel more emotionally regulated
  • How to reduce fear, anger, worry, resentment, hurt, and frustration 
  • How to stay calm, cool and collected no matter how stressful and overwhelming life gets

You’ll finish this course with improved emotional awareness, presence of mind, and even relationships. 


Rewiring Nuropathways That Are Not Serving You

The secret to a healthy life is a helpful internal voice. 

  • Develop radical self-love that supports you always
  • Move through guilt, rumination, haunting memories, or hurtful experiences.
  • Recognize and move past limiting beliefs
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and to disappoint others (when appropriate)

You’ll finish the program with a new outlook on life using scientifically-backed strategies and exercises such as meditation, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and self-hypnosis.


Your Genetic & Hormonal Health 

The way you were made is a miracle. Diversity is a strength of humanity. You'll learn to work with your genetic and hormonal makeup. You'll learn: 

  • How to optimize your hormones
  • Turn on your helpful genes & reduce your chances of genetic disease. 
  • Know where to focus in order to decrease genetic vulnerabilities & how best to optimize gene expression

You’ll finish this course with a customized health plan.*

*DNA test can be added to the Mind Body Reset for an additional cost.


Intermittent Fasting the Right Way

A tool that not only helps with weight loss but has additional benefits like reduced inflammation, improved immune function, and hormone balance. When done right, intermittent fasting can be life-changing. Delivered in partnership with Dr. Karen Hartzenberg. You will learn:

  • If fasting is right for you. Includes a group session with Dr. Karen.
  • Understand which types of fast has which benefits
  • How to tailor the timing of your fast based on your body
  • What to drink & when? + Caffeine & Alcohol

You'll finish the program confident about how to healthfully and painlessly fast, with increased and sustained energy.


Pillars of Health 

For many, sleep and exercise are a constant struggle. There is confusing and conflicting information out there. Your optimal sleep and fitness protocols are unique. You'll learn:

  • A powerful self-hypnosis meditation technique that uses the science of neuroplasticity to quickly encourage a deep state of relaxation & eventually sleep.
  • The perfect fitness routine for your body, that gets results and is enjoyable to do. 
  • To create addictive habits that help you implement enjoyable sleep and fitness routines.
  • Sleep protocols to prepare for sleep, get to sleep and stay asleep.

You'll have a complete guide and already be sleeping better and moving more by the time the program is done. 


Group, Online, & Individual Sessions 

This course was built for people who have no time, feel overwhelmed, and want to know how to feel their best. The content is delivered to fit many life & learning styles. You will get:

  • 12 weeks of learning modules including videos, pdf's, & workbooks delivered to your inbox and on the app
  • Meditation and self-hypnosis practices on your phone to use anytime
  • Live (on Zoom) Group Coaching Calls & a private forum for discussion
  • 120 minutes (spread over 4 sessions) of private 1:1 coaching with Lindsay via Zoom.
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • My 21-day Rewiring Program

Work at your own pace and time. With a mere one hour per week or 10 minutes per day, you will reap all the benefits this program has to offer.  

This Program Is For You If...

  • You're confused about your health

  • You want to lose weight 

  • You want to get rid of symptoms

  • You feel overwhelmed and unsure of the next best step

  • You want to optimize your health

  • You want to improve your emotional well-being and relationships


I'm Lindsay Kassem

Prior to becoming a health coach, I was a pharmaceutical industry executive suffering from a laundry list of health issues. I thought I was saving lives all while giving up mine!

In my quest to improve my symptoms and create more balance in my life, I eventually left to focus on Nutrition & Preventative Health.

I became a Certified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York. Throughout my studies, I was able to overcome all of my health problems and now help others do the same!

"I have increased energy and mental sharpness. I've begun exercising for enjoyment for the first time in my life! "

- Monique Coombes

"When I started with Lindsay, I was struggling with issues of high blood pressure, high insulin and glucose levels.

Within 8 weeks on the Mind Body Reset program, doing a complete lifestyle change, all those high markers went to normal levels."

- Romi Diamond

"Over the last 10 weeks I have lost 10lbs, felt far more energetic and strong and my sleep has progressed! "

- Karin Joyce
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I believe in this program so much that I am willing to give you a full refund if you are unhappy in the first 30-days. Here is my only request so we don't waste each other's time, take my FREE Mini-Course to ensure you like my style. If you are not getting value, contact me within 30-days of starting the course. I will return your money with no hard feelings or questions. 

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