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anxiety meditation mindsets self love Aug 08, 2023

If you want to stop anxiety, reading this will give you insight on how to best approach it and release it.

My anxiety story

I remember driving to work every day in major fear that I wouldn’t make it on the drive. I was 22.

I had extreme anxiety. It kept getting worse. Anticipatory anxiety that I would faint. And while driving. I had fainted a few times before, without explanation, which later caused me to have full blown panic attacks. 

I tried all sorts of mind tricks and prayers to no avail. I had test after test done to see what WAS WRONG WITH ME. At one point, the MRI showed either seizure-like activity or a tumor. At the time, I was actually happy to have an explanation.

But the above were false positives. It was concluded that I had vasovagal syncope, a condition for fainting often. Common for young girls, I was told.

I was put on anti-anxiety meds for years. However, another episode happened 4 years later when on meds. This meant that I wasn’t getting to the root cause. 

I've since worked through my anxiety, getting to the root causes, which many of my clients have: excessive overthinking, worry that something will happen, rumination of a past event, or repetitive self-doubt.


Anxiety Symptoms

These can all lead to you feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, tense, and can be accompanied by symptoms such as sleeplessness, sweating, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, dizziness, and/or major stomach upset. 

It's debilitating. It's so hard to feel like you have no control over your mind. My heart goes out to you if you've got any form of anxiety.


Types of Anxiety & How to Alleviate

Excessive Over-Thinking

Your mind is active. You're often praised for how well your mind works. The analytical mind can solve problems like no other. BUT, there is a downside. It never stops!

I didn't learn how to shut off my mind! Our minds are not supposed to be running 24/7. 

I also was the type who thought that even the best meditation was just too slow and boring for me. Meditations can be off-putting when it's either the wrong type of meditation, or it's not getting to the root cause. For example, meditation can make the next type of anxiety worse.

Learning the right meditation for you can be profoundly helpful. If you're new to my page, click the menu, then "Start Here" to join my mailing lists and get invited to a free meditation. 

Also, rewiring your brain, aka sports training for your mind & emotions (rather than your body) does wonders on retraining the mind to be more calm, which people benefit from in my coaching program.


Worry that Something will Happen

You may worried that something could happen, a bad story repeats itself, or a physical health issue manifests into something serious. If worst case scenario is highly likely to happen, it will be helpful to get support to be able to cope with how you would react. 

However, for most, the future is unknown and spending time in scenario land destroys the soul. I have a powerful technique that I share in my coaching program here, that people say removes this issue completely. 

However, if you're able to solve or alleviate the source of your worry, this will take care of a big portion of the issue.

For example, if you're worried you won't be able to meet all of your deadlines, then there is a an overload issue, whereby changing dates, delaying timelines, delegating, or requesting help will likely resolve more of the issue than any meditation would. 

If you're not sure if you can alleviate the problem, challenge the worry. Often, we doubt our abilities. See Self Doubt below.


If you're worried so much, that you're having panic attacks, watch this video here:


Rumination of a Past Event

Sometimes, worry takes the form of rumination over something that happened. You relive that moment over and over again.

When you recall negative details of a past event, you're also releasing the same neurotransmitters (aka stress hormones) that you released when the initial event occurred.

Every single thought has a chemical reaction. If you think of lemons long enough, you'll salivate. If you recall a stressful event, you'll send your body into a flight or flight response, which has a negative impact on all of your cells. 

This doesn't mean that you should force positivity either. That is only a band-aid that doesn't get to the root cause. Negative events and stories need to be processed the right way in order for you to heal properly, just like a wound.

If it's a negative trigger from something in childhood, listen to this inner child meditation here. Honoring your emotions and reframing the story can alleviate a significant portion of your worry.

Repetitive Self-Doubt

Some of my clients have come to me claiming they have anxiety about a new job, or something going on in their life. Once we dig a bit, we realize that much of their worry is rooted in self doubt. This is a fear that develops because of our lack of trust in ourselves or our worth. It often causes confusion, brain fog, and an inability to make decisions or know the way forward. 

In this case, it's essential to focus efforts on enhancing self love.

Strong self love means that you're balanced, you meet your emotional and physical needs (nutrition, sleep, movement), you have energy, you strike the balance of work and play nicely, that you have positive self talk, and externalities don't determine your worth (e.g. your weight, someone's critical comment, a promotion, how much money you make, what someone else thinks of you).

All of these mean you have unshakeable self love. If you're lacking in any of these areas, I can help.

Also, check out a couple of tips here: Is Your Body Image only Positive when Your Weight is Good?


You've always been that way

If you feel that you've always been a nervous person, it may likely be because you've always had to walk on eggshells when you were younger. For some, they don't even notice that they're wired as stressed... because there's never been a change. For others, it's very clear that they're always anxious. 

My nervous system set point has always been set at worry or anxious. For that reason, I need to do more relaxing and stress-relieving techniques than the average person. All of the above apply to me. 

One really quick way to relax the nervous system is explained in the above video for panic attacks. However, there are a ton of ways to relax the nervous system. If you don't know what's right for you, it's essential you get support!


As you have read, there are various ways anxiety can hit. Ensure you know which way it's triggering you and get to a place that's going to help you resolve it. 

Come join me for my free meditation on Saturday Aug 12th at Mont Choisy Beach at 8:30 am to release anxiety with a relaxing meditation. Contact me to join! Whatsapp +230 5919-4770

To your heart & health span,

Lindsay Kassem

Health & Mindset Coach